Aerospace Finance
Black & White Holes

What is Black & White Holes?

Black & White Holes are the unique token offering system for our users. It is similar with Call/Put options trading. Users can call GALAXY tokens with discounted price & vesting period. Also they can put GALAXY tokens for higher price with vesting period.

How these discounts calculated?

Discount percentages calculated and set by manually from Aerospace Finance Astronauts. The amount of tokens collected from call/put options has charges a little amount of fee which is dynamic and also can be checked from Options tab. These fees will be used for buy-back GALAXY and also support the team for development purposes. The other amount will send to the agains hole. For example, if user bought a 100 USDT worth of GALAXY from White Hole (Call Option), this USDT amount will be transferred to the Black Hole (Put Option). Whenever a transaction occurs the discount percentages will be changed by the amount of demand for the hole.